13-33A-15. Nasal glucagon--Authorized employees--Training--Documentation.

The board of a school district or the governing board of a nonpublic school may authorize an employee to administer nasal glucagon to a student if the employee completes training, provided by a licensed health care provider, that addresses:

(1)    Recognizing the symptoms of severe hypoglycemia;

(2)    The procedure for administering nasal glucagon;

(3)    Emergency care for an individual experiencing severe hypoglycemia, including care after administering nasal glucagon; and

(4)    The storage, maintenance, and disposal of nasal glucagon.

The school district or the nonpublic school must maintain documentation of each employee who completes the training and who is authorized to administer nasal glucagon in accordance with §§ 13-33A-12 to 13-33A-16, inclusive.

Source: SL 2024, ch 57, § 4.