13-39A-1    Definitions.

13-39A-2    South Dakota Board of Technical Education--Creation.

13-39A-3    Political party membership.

13-39A-4    Member terms--Limits.

13-39A-5    Vacancies.

13-39A-6    President--Meetings.

13-39A-7    Majority vote required--Minutes.

13-39A-8    Member compensation and expenses.

13-39A-9    Board members--No technical college employees.

13-39A-10    Executive director.

13-39A-11    Local governing bodies--Retain powers not given to board.

13-39A-12    Tuition and fees.

13-39A-13    Annual state funding requests.

13-39A-14    Management policies, goals, and objectives.

13-39A-15    New construction or major renovation of facilities.

13-39A-16    Additional duties of board.

13-39A-17    Accreditations.

13-39A-18    Promulgation of rules.

13-39A-19    Successor to Board of Education Standards on agreements.

13-39A-20    Performance of agreements.

13-39A-21    Apportionment and distribution of funds to LEAs.

13-39A-22    Distribution of funds to technical colleges.

13-39A-23    Separate accounting and funds by LEAs.

13-39A-24    Lease-purchase agreements between LEAs and health and educational facilities authority or board for capital improvements.

13-39A-25    Provisions of lease-purchase agreements.

13-39A-26    Security for payments by LEA or board under lease-purchase agreements.

13-39A-27    Technical colleges facilities fund.

13-39A-28    Tuition subaccount.

13-39A-29    Technical college equipment fund.

13-39A-30    Payment of obligations under lease-purchase agreement.

13-39A-31    Petition to establish technical college.

13-39A-32    Recommendation of petition to Legislature.

13-39A-33    Legislative approval of petition.

13-39A-34    Joint resolution specifying duties and powers of postsecondary technical institute.

13-39A-35    Petition to establish technical college as distinct separate LEA.

13-39A-36    Board governing distinct separate LEA.

13-39A-37    Terms of board members.

13-39A-38    Appointment of members.

13-39A-39    Continuing contract and collective bargaining provisions not applicable--Notice of nonrenewal.

13-39A-40    Confidentiality of student information.

13-39A-41    Administrative rules not affected.

13-39A-42    State support of four technical colleges.