13-51-1    Legislative approval required for erecting, maintaining buildings or leasing facilities.

13-51-1.1    Authority of board to lease site for public higher education programs--Funding.

13-51-1.2    Repealed.

13-51-1.3    Sioux Falls site for instructional, research, and service programs--Limitations on use.

13-51-1.4    Government Operations and Audit Committee review.

13-51-1.5    Sioux Falls research park.

13-51-1.6    South Dakota State University Agricultural Experiment Station in Moody County.

13-51-2    Educational facilities fund continued--Purposes--Appropriation requirements and restrictions.

13-51-3    13-51-3. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 154, § 2

13-51-4    Recommendations by regents for legislative appropriation or authorization of expenditures.

13-51-5    Separate institutional funds in treasury for self-liquidating projects.

13-51-6    Identification of funds for self-liquidating projects--Consolidation of funds for institution.

13-51-7    Institutional accounting for individual project funds--Reconciliation with consolidated funds in treasury.

13-51-8    Federal concurrence in accounting procedures required.

13-51-8.1    Power to combine self-liquidating projects or facilities on institutional basis.

13-51-8.2    Power to issue refunding bonds for revenue bonds issued on self-liquidating projects or facilities.

13-51-8.3    13-51-8.3. Repealed by SL 1970, ch 109

13-51-9    Eminent domain power for institutional purposes.

13-51-10    Resolution for condemnation of private property--Proceedings.

13-51-11    Protection from fire loss of buildings in construction.

13-51-12    Moving or disposal of certain structures authorized by regents.

13-51-13    13-51-13. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 140, § 2

13-51-14    Receipts from sale of temporary structures.

13-51-15    Long range financing plan required for improvements financed by private donations--Establishing endowments.

13-51-16    Real property transfer to South Dakota State University Growth Partnership, Ltd..

13-51-17    Real property to be used for research park.

13-51-18    Reversion of property to Board of Regents.

13-51-19    Restrictions in deed.