13-51A-1    Definitions.

13-51A-2    Power to acquire property.

13-51A-3    Power to accept grants.

13-51A-4    Borrowing power of board.

13-51A-5    Interim notes authorized--Purposes.

13-51A-6    Terms of interim notes--Maturity date--Extension.

13-51A-7    Security for payment of interim notes--Sources of payment.

13-51A-8    Additional provisions to make interim notes salable.

13-51A-9    Registration of interim notes--Interest payments--Redemption.

13-51A-10    Execution of interim notes.

13-51A-11    Sale of interim notes.

13-51A-12    Payment of interim notes on issuance of bonds.

13-51A-13    Power to issue bonds--Purposes--Resolution--Signatures.

13-51A-14    Terms of bonds.

13-51A-15    Pledge of income for security of bonds.

13-51A-16    Rights of prior bondholders protected.

13-51A-17    Covenant to maintain adequate income for bond retirement.

13-51A-18    Covenant against debt or charge endangering income pledged to bond retirement.

13-51A-19    Covenant against alienation of project so as to endanger bond security.

13-51A-20    Additional covenants for security of bonds.

13-51A-21    Trustee for bondholders--General powers--Trust agreement.

13-51A-22    Covenants to take actions for benefit of bondholders.

13-51A-23    Prohibition against obligating state.

13-51A-24    Limited obligation of bonds.

13-51A-25    Recording not required to perfect lien.

13-51A-26    Validity of bonds despite expiration of terms of officers--Irregularities in proceedings.

13-51A-27    Sale of bonds--Minimum price.

13-51A-28    Negotiability of bonds.

13-51A-29    Bonds as legal investments.

13-51A-30    Deposit of bond proceeds and revenues--Security--Disbursement.

13-51A-31    Agreements as to custody of funds.

13-51A-32    Actions for enforcement of chapter and resolutions.

13-51A-33    Power to issue refunding bonds for matured obligations.

13-51A-34    Exchange of refunding bonds--Sale and use of proceeds--Cancellation of bonds and coupons received.

13-51A-35    Power to issue refunding bonds for unmatured obligations.

13-51A-36    Exchange or sale of refunding bonds--Use of proceeds.

13-51A-37    Contracts and leases to carry out purposes.

13-51A-38    Parietal rules.

13-51A-39    Establishment and collection of fees.

13-51A-40    Retention of revenues by board.

13-51A-41    Accounting for project financing--Audits.

13-51A-42    Supplemental nature of chapter--Conflicting provisions.

13-51A-43    Severability of provisions.

13-51A-44    Short title.