13-53-1    Departments and courses of study--Textbooks--Admission and graduation requirements.

13-53-1.1    Draft registration compliance as prerequisite to enrollment--Statement of registration compliance.

13-53-1.2    Form for statement of registration compliance--Inclusion in application.

13-53-1.3    Postsecondary institutions may offer elective course in American sign language.

13-53-2    Unnecessary duplication of departments and facilities prohibited.

13-53-3    Economy considered in administration of schools--Unification of work.

13-53-4    Rules and regulations for management of institutions.

13-53-5    Delegation of authority to school officials.

13-53-6    Tuition rates and fees.

13-53-6.1    13-53-6.1. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 156, § 2

13-53-6.2    Reciprocal attendance agreements between South Dakota and Minnesota boards--Legislative approval required.

13-53-6.3    Qualification for resident tuition rates.

13-53-7    Degrees and honors conferred by board--Faculty recommendation.

13-53-8    Contract with school board for educational services.

13-53-9    13-53-9, 13-53-10. Repealed by SL 1975, ch 128, § 377

13-53-11    Federal funds and institutional endowment income paid to state treasurer--Credit to institution.

13-53-12    13-53-12, 13-53-13. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 29, §§ 8, 9

13-53-14    Institutional officer appointed to receive fees and charges--Payment into treasury.

13-53-15    Receipt by state treasurer of institutional moneys--Distribution.

13-53-15.1    13-53-15.1. Repealed by SL 1996, ch 131, § 1

13-53-15.2    13-53-15.2. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 137, § 2

13-53-15.3    Medical school funds.

13-53-16    13-53-16. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 29, § 10

13-53-17    Expenditure of federal funds limited to amounts received during year--Approval of budget excesses.

13-53-18    Board approval of expenditures required--Indebtedness limited to available funds--Expenditures limited by legal purposes.

13-53-19    Delegation of authority for expenditures to institutional officer--Bond--Method of expenditures and purposes.

13-53-20    Examination of vouchers and claims by state auditor--Issuance and transmittal of warrant.

13-53-21    Insurance against loss or damage to educational materials and equipment at institutions.

13-53-22    Institutions named as insured in policies.

13-53-23    Payment of insurance premiums.

13-53-23.1    Residence defined.

13-53-24    Twelve-month residency requirement to qualify as resident student.

13-53-25    Residence in state for sole purpose of attending institution of higher education not counted for residency requirement.

13-53-26    Twelve months of residency must immediately precede first day of classes.

13-53-27    Residence of unemancipated person for purpose of higher education.

13-53-28    Board of Regents approval required when guardian residence basis of residency and predominant purposes is for education.

13-53-29    Exception to twelve-month residency requirements.

13-53-29.1    Resident tuition--Veterans--Armed forces personnel--Spouse or child.

13-53-29.2    Recipient of veteran's educational benefits exempt from twelve-month residency requirement.

13-53-30    Reclassification of residence status upon removal of parents' residence.

13-53-31    Residence classification to remain with continuous enrollment.

13-53-32    Affect of foreign citizenship on residence status.

13-53-33    Exemption from nonresident tuition and fees for nonresident student.

13-53-34    Factors relevant to change in nonresident status and predominant purpose for physical presence in state.

13-53-34.1    Reclassification to resident status upon marriage to state resident.

13-53-35    Affect of paying taxes and voting on residence status.

13-53-36    Burden of proof in claim to resident student status.

13-53-37    Appeal of residency determination.

13-53-38    Authority of board to grant resident status in unusual circumstances.

13-53-39    Penalties for fraud or deceit by student in applying for resident status.

13-53-40    Suspension for failure to pay additional money due because of nonresident status.

13-53-41    Waiver of overpayment of tuition and fees for failure to timely appeal.

13-53-41.1    Resident status of graduates of high school operated by Bureau of Indian Affairs.

13-53-41.2    Repealed

13-53-42    Loss of eligibility for intercollegiate extracurricular competition upon controlled substance violation.

13-53-43    Transfer of credits--General education.

13-53-44    Technical colleges--Transfer of credits.

13-53-45    Confidentiality of information--Restrictions.

13-53-46    Definition of terms in §§ 13-53-47 and 13-53-48.

13-53-47    Immunizations required for students entering public or private postsecondary educational institutions--Alternatives.

13-53-48    Time for submission of documentation.

13-53-49    Expressive activity and intellectual diversity defined.

13-53-50    Commitment to free expression and discussion of intellectually diverse topics at institutions of higher education.

13-53-51    Use of outdoor areas as public forum--Reasonable restrictions--Expressive activity in other areas not limited.

13-53-52    Discrimination based on content or viewpoint of expressive activity prohibited.

13-53-53    Annual report on intellectual diversity and free exchange of ideas.

13-53-54    Programs to increase enrollment, retention, and support for students who are tribal members.