13-55-27. Reduced tuition for teachers and vocational instructors--Eligibility.

To be eligible for the reduced tuition benefit, a teacher or vocational instructor must:

(1)    Be a bona fide resident of the state and employed as a teacher by a:

(a)    School district;

(b)    Accredited school; or

(c)    Head start program;

(2)    Maintain an average academic grade of 3.0 or better;

(3)    Be required by state law, administrative rules, or an employment contract to attend college as a condition of employment or to maintain a certificate to teach; and

(4)    Present certification to the Board of Regents from the teacher's employer that the teacher meets the requirements of this section.

Source: SL 1993, ch 150, § 4; SL 2023, ch 60, § 4.