13-55A-1    Finding as to public interest.

13-55A-2    Definitions.

13-55A-3    Students qualified to receive grants.

13-55A-4    Amount of grant.

13-55A-5    Information required to make financial need determination.

13-55A-6    13-55A-6. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 156, § 3

13-55A-7    Grants made annually--Payments--Certification of attendance and academic progress.

13-55A-8    13-55A-8, 13-55A-9. Repealed by SL 1981, ch 159, §§ 9, 10

13-55A-10    Refund to state if student discontinues attendance.

13-55A-11    Executive director to administer program.

13-55A-12    Need-based matching program.

13-55A-12.1    Acceptance and expenditure of state and private funds--Warrants and vouchers.

13-55A-13    Severability of provisions.

13-55A-14    Postsecondary scholarship grant fund created.

13-55A-15    South Dakota freedom scholarship board––Establishment.

13-55A-16    Scholarship--Eligible students.

13-55A-17    Scholarship--Eligible institutions.