13-63-1    Definitions.

13-63-2    Powers of South Dakota Investment Council.

13-63-3    Depositories and managers--Bidding by financial institutions--Selection criteria.

13-63-4    Contract with financial institution to serve as program manager.

13-63-5    Duties of program manager.

13-63-6    Term of contract between council and financial institution.

13-63-7    Conditions applicable to nonrenewed contracts.

13-63-8    Termination of contract for good cause--Transfer of accounts.

13-63-9    Program operated through accounts--Requirements to open.

13-63-10    Contributions to accounts.

13-63-11    Withdrawals from account.

13-63-12    Changing designated beneficiary.

13-63-13    Transferring funds to another account--Conditions.

13-63-14    Limitations on changing designated beneficiary and rolling over funds.

13-63-15    13-63-15, 13-63-16. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 94, §§ 8, 9

13-63-17    Accounts to be maintained separately.

13-63-18    No direction of investments--Limited options permitted--Financial institution obligation.

13-63-19    Council to select financial institution in event of transfer of accounts--Exception.

13-63-20    Interest in account not subject to levy, judgment or garnishment--Not deemed asset--Interest not to be used as security--Inclusion as gross asset.

13-63-21    Council to adopt rules to prevent excess contributions.

13-63-21.1    Excess contributions--Processing.

13-63-22    Account distributions to be reported as required by federal law.

13-63-23    Account statements--Contents.

13-63-24    Statements to comply with federal or state tax laws.

13-63-25    Government and non-profit organizations as account owners--Beneficiaries identified after account opened.

13-63-26    Identifying information of account holders and beneficiaries confidential.

13-63-27    Account balance of beneficiary student treated as asset of parent--Exceptions.

13-63-28    Limitations of chapter.

13-63-29    Chapter does not establish guarantees.

13-63-30    Mandated disclaimers.

13-63-31    Annual report by council.

13-63-32    Immunity from liability.