01    State Policies And Supervision

02    County Board Of Education [Repealed]

03    Duties Of Secretary Of Education

04    Supervision Of Nonpublic Schools [Repealed]

05    Types And Organization Of School Districts

06    School District Reorganization

07    School District Elections

08    School Boards And School District Officers

09    Associated School Boards Of South Dakota [Repealed]

10    School District Employees

11    School District Tax Levies

12    County Elementary School Equalization Fund [Repealed]

13    General State Aid To Schools

14    Grants And Donations To Schools

15    Intergovernmental Cooperation In Education

15A    Pilot Charter School For American Indian Students [Repealed]

16    School District Funds And Accounts

17    Compromise Of Judgments For School Districts

18    School District Warrants And Disbursements

19    School District Bonds And Notes

20    School District Purchases And Contracts

21    Disposal Of School District Property

22    School Census [Repealed]

23    Establishment And Discontinuance Of Schools

24    School Grounds And Buildings

25    Fire Safety In School Buildings

26    School Term And Holidays

27    Compulsory School Attendance

28    School Attendance Privileges And Tuition

28A    Open Enrollment And Tuition Regulation Programs With

28B    Enrollment Options Program With Iowa [Repealed]

29    School Buses And Transportation Of Students

30    Student Allowances In Lieu Of Transportation

31    State Support Of Transportation And Allowances [Repealed]

32    Supervision Of Students And Conduct Of School

33    Curriculum And Courses Of Instruction

33A    School Health Services

33B    Programs For Deaf And Hard-Of-Hearing Children

34    Textbooks

35    School Food Services Programs

36    High School Activities Association

37    Special Assistance And Related Services

37A    Community Education [Repealed]

38    Hospital Schools [Repealed]

39    Career And Technical Education

39A    South Dakota Board Of Technical Education

40    Vocational Rehabilitation [Repealed]

41    Junior Colleges [Repealed]

42    Certification And Evaluation Of Teachers, Principals, And Superintendents

43    Employment Of Teachers

44    Teachers' Institutes And Association Meetings [Repealed]

45    Teachers' Retirement System [Repealed]

46    Appeals In School Matters

47    Educational Telecommunications

48    Authorization To Provide Postsecondary Education

48A    Education Accountability Report

49    State Board Of Regents

50    State Postsecondary Commission [Repealed]

50A    Midwestern Board For Medical And Allied Health Education [Repealed]

51    Facilities At State Institutions

51A    Board Of Regents Revenue Bonds

52    Grants And Donations To State Institutions

53    Administration Of State Institutions

53A    Midwest Education Compact [Repealed]

53B    Tuition Reciprocity With Minnesota

53C    Midwestern Regional Higher Education Compact

53D    Western Regional Education Compact

53E    Interstate Compact On Educational Opportunity For Military Children

54    Extension Work Of State Institutions

55    Scholarships And Free Tuition At State Institutions

55A    Need-Based Grants

55B    Tuition Equalization Grants [Repealed]

55C    Superior Scholar Scholarships [Repealed]

55D    Educational Excellence And Financial Assistance Programs [Repealed]

55E    Advance Payment Of Higher Education Costs

55F    Mickelson Scholars Program [Repealed]

55G    Memorial Education

56    Higher Education Loan Guaranty Program

56A    Health Profession Scholarship Loans [Repealed]

56B    Medical Profession Scholarship Program

56C    Medical Education Scholarship [Repealed]

57    University Of South Dakota

58    South Dakota State University

59    State Colleges

60    South Dakota School Of Mines And Technology

61    School For The Blind And Visually Impaired

62    State School For The Deaf

63    Higher Education Savings Plan

64    School Sentinels

65    Partners In Education Tax Credit Program

66    Jobs For South Dakota's Graduates

67    Requirements For Athletic Teams And Sports