15-12-1    15-12-1 to 15-12-18. Superseded

15-12-19    Settlement of record after resignation or expiration of term of judge.

15-12-20    Definition of terms.

15-12-21    Actions in which affidavits for change of judge may be filed.

15-12-21.1    Informal request for disqualification.

15-12-22    Who may file affidavit--Effect of filing.

15-12-23    Parties united in interest--Necessity of unity--Effect of one party filing.

15-12-24    Waiver of right by submitting to jurisdiction.

15-12-25    Restriction to one change--Other parties' rights preserved.

15-12-26    Form and content of affidavits.

15-12-27    Time for filing affidavit against judge or magistrate presiding in ordinary course.

15-12-28    Time for filing after unanticipated change of judge or magistrate.

15-12-29    Late appointment or employment of counsel--Extending time for filing.

15-12-30    Filing of affidavit-Copies.

15-12-31    Copies of affidavit served on adverse parties--Liability for failure to serve.

15-12-32    Review of affidavit--Designation of substitute judge or magistrate.

15-12-33    Transmittal of copies of order to substitute judge or magistrate and counsel.

15-12-34    Disqualification of all judges in circuit--Certification to Supreme Court.

15-12-35    Assignment of substitute judge by Chief Justice.

15-12-36    Jurisdiction of substituted judge or magistrate.

15-12-37    Disqualification on court's own motion.