15-17-1    15-17-1 to 15-17-16. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 148, § 26

15-17-16.1    Imposition of costs and attorneys' fees on grant of mistrial.

15-17-17    15-17-17 to 15-17-35. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 148, § 26

15-17-36    Costs not an indemnity--Disbursements.

15-17-37    Prevailing party recovery--Taxation.

15-17-37.1    Interpreter or translator services--Payment.

15-17-38    Award of attorneys' fees--Taxed as disbursements.

15-17-39    Evidence of debt for attorneys' fees upon default or foreclosure against public policy--Exception.

15-17-40    Recovery limited.

15-17-41    Disbursements taxed against multiple parties.

15-17-42    Application of chapter.

15-17-43    Attorneys' fees allowable in hearing contesting validity of taxation of disbursements.

15-17-44    Taxation of disbursements--Discretion of court.

15-17-45    Reimbursement of plaintiff in action to recover funds misappropriated by public official.

15-17-46    Plaintiff's lien on recovery in taxpayer's action.

15-17-47    Judgment against surety where security for disbursements given.

15-17-48    Disbursements awarded against infant.

15-17-49    Disbursement against personal representative or trustee of express trust.

15-17-50    Expenses of requiring jury to report--Apportionment.

15-17-51    Liability of party for frivolous or malicious action.

15-17-51.1    Inmate financial responsibility for state's costs incurred from abuse of court system.

15-17-51.2    Inmate or prisoner financial responsibility for costs incurred by county from abuse of court system.

15-17-52    Limit of taxation of disbursements.

15-17-53    Reduction or disallowance of disbursements for hardship.

15-17-54    New trial--Taxation of disbursements.

15-17-55    Reversal upon appeal--Taxation of disbursements.

15-17-56    Disbursements taxed by party not prevailing on appeal--Discretion of court.

15-17-57    Disbursements taxed when appeal affirmed in part and reversed in part--Discretion of court.

15-17-58    Reconsideration of disbursements upon Supreme Court ruling--Discretion of court.

15-17-59    Dismissal for lack of jurisdiction--Disbursements.

15-17-60    Disbursements caused by postponement of trial.