15-26A-73Supplemental brief with late authorities--Service on counsel.

Whenever a party desires to present late authorities, newly enacted legislation, or other intervening matters that were not available in time to have been included in the party's brief in chief, the party shall serve a copy thereof upon the attorney for each party to the action separately represented and upon any party who is not represented by counsel and file the supplemental brief, restricted to such new matter and otherwise in conformity with this chapter, up to the time the case is called for hearing, or by leave of court thereafter. A supplemental brief shall not exceed ten pages.

Source: Supreme Court Rule 79-1, Rule 12 (11); SDCL Supp, § 15-26A-53; SL 1993, ch 395 (Supreme Court Rule 93-12); SL 2023, ch 222 (Supreme Court Rule 23-05), eff. Apr. 1, 2023.