15-26A-79Number of copies of briefs to be served and filed.

A copy of each brief shall be served on the attorney for each party to the appeal separately represented and upon any party who is not represented by counsel. A copy of each brief shall be filed with the clerk of the Supreme Court. In addition to electronic submission of each brief, an original must be submitted to the clerk. The clerk shall not accept a brief for filing unless it is accompanied by admission or proof of service.

Source: Supreme Court Rule 79-1, Rule 14 (3); SDCL Supp, § 15-26A-57; SL 2019, ch 226 (Supreme Court Rule 19-05); Supreme Court Order dated Aug. 30, 2022; SL 2023, ch 223 (Supreme Court Rule 23-06), eff. Apr. 1, 2023.