15-26A-87.3Motion for attorney fees--Contents, form, and filing of motion.

A motion for appellate attorney fees in actions where such fees may be allowable must comply with the following requirements:

(1)    The motion must be accompanied by a verified, itemized statement of legal services rendered, said statement to be exclusive of costs allowable under § 15-30-6;

(2)    The motion must be served and filed prior to submission of the action on its merits; and

(3)    The motion and itemized statement, together with proof of service thereof, must be submitted for filing.

Consideration of a motion for attorney fees will be held in abeyance until such time as the action is considered on its merits.

Source: SL 1996, ch 317; SL 2023, ch 225 (Supreme Court Rule 23-08), eff. Apr. 1, 2023.