15-26C-3Time of filing.

(1)    A document in compliance with the Rules of Appellate Procedure and this rule and submitted electronically to the supreme court clerk by 11:59 p. m. central standard time or daylight savings time as applicable shall be considered filed on that date.

(2)    After reviewing an electronically filed document, the supreme court clerk must inform the filer, through an e-mail generated by the Odyssey® system, whether the document has been accepted or rejected. A document may be rejected (a) if it is filed in the wrong court; (b) applicable filing fees are not paid or waived; (c) the document is incomplete or contains missing information; (d) or fails to comply with applicable statutory requirements or these rules.

(3)    Parties filing briefs electronically must also submit an original to the supreme court clerk. For any brief filed in an appeal from a judgment or order pursuant to chapter 26-8A, the appellant shall also file a redacted brief in compliance with subdivision 15-26A-60(9).

(4)    The Supreme Court may also order any party to provide additional hardcopies of any documents electronically filed.

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