15-30-4Time for petition for rehearing--Contents, form, and filing of petition.

A petition for the rehearing of a cause heard on appeal to the Supreme Court may be served and filed within twenty days after the date of filing of the formal opinion or the order of summary disposition. Any party may serve and file answer thereto within ten days after service of the petition. The petition shall state briefly the ground upon which a rehearing is asked and the points supposed to have been overlooked or misapprehended by the court, with proper reference to the particular portion of the printed record and to the authorities relied upon. The petition and answer may be typewritten.

Source: SDC 1939 & Supp 1960, § 33.0751; SL 1991, ch 429 (Supreme Court Rule 90-06); SL 2023, ch 231 (Supreme Court Rule 23-14), eff. Apr. 1, 2023.