15-30-1    Remand to trial court to permit motion for new trial.

15-30-2    Reversal, affirmance or modification of judgment or order appealed from--Entry of new judgment or order--New trial--Part of judgment or order appealed from.

15-30-3    Judgment directed for party entitled to directed verdict.

15-30-4    Time for petition for rehearing--Contents, form, and filing of petition.

15-30-5    Briefs and argument when rehearing granted--Notice to attorneys of action on petition.

15-30-6    Costs allowed to prevailing party on appeal.

15-30-7    Discretionary allowance of costs on appeal.

15-30-8    Taxation of costs and damages by clerk--Notice to attorneys.

15-30-8.1    Costs--Time and manner of payment.

15-30-9    Objections to taxation of costs on appeal--Reply to objections--Decision by court.

15-30-10    Costs on petition for rehearing.

15-30-11    Remittitur of decision and record to trial court--Further proceedings.

15-30-12    Costs and damages included in remittitur to trial court.

15-30-13    Judgment in trial court for costs and damages.

15-30-14    Supreme Court judgment remitted to trial court--Final judgment in trial court.

15-30-15    Opinion of Supreme Court transmitted with papers.

15-30-16    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 254 (Supreme Court Rule 11-17), eff. Aug. 24, 2011.