15-39-1    15-39-1, 15-39-2. Superseded

15-39-3    15-39-3, 15-39-4. Repealed by SL 1980, ch 168, §§ 7, 8

15-39-5    15-39-5 to 15-39-44. Superseded

15-39-45    Uniform rules of practice for circuit and magistrate courts--Purpose and scope of rules--Exemplary damages restricted.

15-39-45.1    Jurisdictional amount of claim.

15-39-46    Alternative to action begun by summons.

15-39-47    Persons authorized to act as attorney--Notice to attorney.

15-39-48    Plaintiff's statement of claim to clerk--Entry in docket--Signature--Contents--Multiple claims--Beginning of action.

15-39-49    Addresses of parties stated to clerk--Filing in docket.

15-39-50    Determination of sufficiency of plaintiff's statement.

15-39-51    Deputy clerk authorized to act--Magistrate to perform clerk's duties.

15-39-52    Entry fee--Summons not required--Statement to clerk or magistrate in lieu of pleading--Fee exemption.

15-39-53    Court rules may provide for modified procedure.

15-39-54    Time of hearing on claim.

15-39-55    Notice valid though refused by defendant--Further notice on failure of delivery.

15-39-56    Jury trial and appeal waived by plaintiff--Right to jury trial if action removed by defendant.

15-39-57    Claim of trial by court or jury by defendant--Affidavit--Special rule in designated judicial circuit governing removal to the regular civil docket of the court--Entry fee and undertaking.

15-39-58    Transmittal of papers upon removal--Pleadings and speedy trial.

15-39-59    15-39-59. Repealed by SL 2000, ch 260

15-39-60    15-39-60. Repealed by Supreme Court Rule 97-17

15-39-61    Separation of parties when removal sought as to part--Copies of papers transmitted in lieu of originals.

15-39-62    Docket entries transmitted on removal to circuit court.

15-39-63    15-39-63. Repealed by Supreme Court Rule 97-19

15-39-64    Default of defendant failing to comply with requirements.

15-39-65    Docket entry as to defense--Contents of entry.

15-39-66    Setoff or counterclaim stated by defendant--Notice to plaintiff and postponement of hearing--Answer by plaintiff--Request for jury trial or petition for removal on non-compulsory counterclaims--Provisions not compulsory.

15-39-67    Amendment of claim or answer.

15-39-68    Disposition of claim on failure of plaintiff to appear for hearing.

15-39-69    Venue.

15-39-70    Subpoenas for witnesses.

15-39-71    Witnesses and evidence received on hearing.

15-39-72    Signature of docket on determination of action.

15-39-73    Items allowable as costs--Costs assessed for delay or vexatious claim or defense--Judgment and execution for costs.

15-39-74    Court order as to method of payment of judgment--Stay of execution during compliance.

15-39-75    Grounds for vacation of judgment and stay of execution--Repayment ordered.

15-39-76    Costs awarded on motion to vacate judgment.

15-39-76.1    Notice of payment of judgment.

15-39-76.2    Cancellation of judgment or transcript--Notice by prevailing party or attorney.

15-39-77    Guardian ad litem.

15-39-78    Forms for use in small claims procedure.

15-39-79    Use of small claims procedure to collect unreimbursed medical or health care costs from other parent.