15-6-5(h)Civil Case Filing Statements.

Whenever a party or an attorney representing a party commences a civil action, files a notice of appearance, or files an answer or first responsive pleading in a civil action, the party or attorney representing the party shall file a completed civil case filing statement containing identifying information available to that party or attorney regarding all parties, including the adverse party, with the clerk of the court. A statement must also be filed whenever a new party is added to the action. The statement shall be available from the clerk or online at the Unified Judicial System's website. The identifying information for the filing party must be submitted on the filing statement. If the party or attorney representing a party is unable to provide the required information for the filing party, he or she may seek a waiver from the judge assigned to the action. After the information is recorded in the Unified Judicial System docketing system, the filing statement may be destroyed or kept by the clerk of the court in a nonpublic file for internal record management use by the Unified Judicial System. Access to the filed statement will only be available to court personnel or by court order.

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