15-6-5(i)Service of discovery requests by electronic mail or portable storage media device--Costs.

Any party or attorney serving discovery requests pursuant to § 15-6-31, § 15-6-33, § 15-6-34 or § 15-6-36 shall also, upon receipt of a written request, serve those items on the opposing party or attorney by electronic mail or on a portable storage media device. Failure to comply with such a request shall not make service invalid or extend the time to file a response, but the court shall order payment of the actual costs of reproducing the item and may award such other terms as it deems proper under § 15-6-37 unless good cause for failure to comply with the request is shown.

Source: SL 2004, ch 328 (Supreme Court Rule 04-01), eff. July 1, 2004; SL 2023, ch 213 (Supreme Court Rule 22-12), eff. Jan. 1, 2023.