15-6-1    Scope of Chapter.

15-6-2    One form of action.

15-6-3    Commencement of action.

15-6-4(a)    Summons--Form.

15-6-4(b)    Summons served without complaint.

15-6-4(c)    By whom summons served.

15-6-4(d)    Personal service of summons.

15-6-4(e)    Service by leaving copy with resident of defendant's dwelling.

15-6-4(f)    Service upon party not a resident of or found within state.

15-6-4(g)    Proof of service.

15-6-4(h)    Amendment of process.

15-6-4(i)    Service by mail--Admission of service--Costs.

15-6-4(j)    Form of notice and admission of service by mail.

15-6-5(a)    Service--When required.

15-6-5(b)    Service--How made--Proof.

15-6-5(c)    Service on numerous defendants.

15-6-5(d)    Filing of papers--Originals--Copies.

15-6-5(e)    Definition--Filing with the court.

15-6-5(f)    Repealed.

15-6-5(g)    Documents not to be filed--Depositions.

15-6-5(h)    Civil Case Filing Statements.

15-6-5(i)    Service of discovery requests by electronic mail or portable storage media device--Costs.

15-6-5(j)    Repealed.

15-6-6    15-6-6. Time

15-6-6(a)    Computation of time.

15-6-6(b)    Enlargement of time.

15-6-6(c)    15-6-6(c). Superseded

15-6-6(d)    Time for motion--Affidavits--Briefs.

15-6-6(e)    Additional time after service by mail--Facsimile and electronic mail transmission service exempt.

15-6-7    15-6-7. Pleadings allowed--form of motions

15-6-7(a)    Pleadings.

15-6-7(b)    Motions and other papers.

15-6-7(c)    Demurrers, pleas, and exceptions abolished.

15-6-8    15-6-8. General rules of pleading

15-6-8(a)    Claims for relief.

15-6-8(b)    Defenses--Form of denials.

15-6-8(c)    Defenses--Form of denials.

15-6-8(d)    Effect of failure to deny.

15-6-8(e)    Pleading to be concise and direct--Consistency.

15-6-8(f)    Construction of pleadings.

15-6-9    15-6-9. Pleading special matters

15-6-9(a)    Pleading capacity.

15-6-9(b)    Pleading fraud, mistake, condition of the mind.

15-6-9(c)    Pleading conditions precedent.

15-6-9(d)    Pleading official document or act.

15-6-9(e)    Pleading judgment.

15-6-9(f)    Pleading time and place.

15-6-9(g)    Pleading special damage.

15-6-9(h)    Unknown party--How designated in pleadings and process.

15-6-9(i)    Complaint in action for libel or slander.

15-6-10    15-6-10. Form of pleadings

15-6-10(a)    Caption--Names of parties.

15-6-10(b)    Paragraphs--Separate statements.

15-6-10(c)    Adoption by reference--Exhibits.

15-6-10(d)    Roman numerals--Use--Restrictions.

15-6-10(e)    Formatting of pleadings.

15-6-11    15-6-11. Signing of Pleadings

15-6-11(a)    Signature.

15-6-11(b)    Representations to court.

15-6-11(c)    Sanctions.

15-6-11(d)    Inapplicability to discovery.

15-6-11(e)    Appeal to Supreme Court--Award of attorneys' fees and costs on appeal.

15-6-12    15-6-12. Defenses and objections

15-6-12(a)    Time for presenting defenses and objections.

15-6-12(b)    Manner of presenting defenses and objections.

15-6-12(c)    Motion for judgment on the pleadings.

15-6-12(d)    Preliminary hearings.

15-6-12(e)    Motion for more definite statement.

15-6-12(f)    Motion to strike.

15-6-12(g)    Consolidation of defenses in motion.

15-6-12(h)    Waiver or preservation of certain defenses.

15-6-13    15-6-13. Counterclaim and cross-claim

15-6-13(a)    Compulsory counterclaims.

15-6-13(b)    Permissive counterclaims.

15-6-13(c)    Counterclaim exceeding opposing claim.

15-6-13(d)    Counterclaim against the State of South Dakota.

15-6-13(e)    Counterclaim maturing or acquired after pleading.

15-6-13(f)    Omitted counterclaim.

15-6-13(g)    Cross-claim against co-party.

15-6-13(h)    Joinder of additional parties.

15-6-13(i)    Separate trials--Separate judgments.

15-6-14    15-6-14. Third-party practice

15-6-14(a)    When defendant may bring in third party.

15-6-14(b)    When plaintiff may bring in third party.

15-6-15    15-6-15. Amended and supplemental pleadings

15-6-15(a)    Amendments to pleadings.

15-6-15(b)    Amendments to conform to the evidence.

15-6-15(c)    Relation back of amendments to pleadings.

15-6-15(d)    Supplemental pleadings.

15-6-16    Pretrial procedure--Formulating issues.

15-6-17    15-6-17. Parties plaintiff and defendant--capacity

15-6-17(a)    Real party in interest.

15-6-17(b)    Capacity to sue or be sued.

15-6-17(c)    Representation of minors or incompetent persons.

15-6-18    15-6-18. Joinder of claims and remedies

15-6-18(a)    Joinder of claims.

15-6-18(b)    Joinder of remedies--Fraudulent conveyances.

15-6-19    15-6-19. Joinder of persons needed for just adjudication

15-6-19(a)    Persons to be joined if feasible.

15-6-19(b)    Determination by court whenever joinder not feasible.

15-6-19(c)    Pleading reasons for nonjoinder.

15-6-19(d)    Exception of class actions.

15-6-20    15-6-20. Permissive joinder of parties

15-6-20(a)    Permissive joinder.

15-6-20(b)    Separate trials.

15-6-21    Misjoinder and nonjoinder of parties.

15-6-22    Interpleader.

15-6-23    15-6-23. Class actions

15-6-23.1    Derivative actions by unincorporated associations.

15-6-23.2    Actions relating to unincorporated associations.

15-6-23(a)    Prerequisites to a class action.

15-6-23(b)    Class actions maintainable.

15-6-23(c)    Determination by order whether class action to be maintained--Notice--Judgment--Actions conducted partially as class actions.

15-6-23(d)    Orders in conduct of actions.

15-6-23(e)    Dismissal or compromise of class actions.

15-6-24    15-6-24. Intervention

15-6-24(a)    Intervention of right.

15-6-24(b)    Permissive intervention.

15-6-24(c)    Procedure for intervention.

15-6-25    15-6-25. Substitution of parties

15-6-25.1    Dismissal of parties--Subsequent pleadings.

15-6-25(a)    Death of party.

15-6-25(b)    Incompetency of party.

15-6-25(c)    Transfer of party's interest.

15-6-25(d)    Officer as party--Death or separation from office.

15-6-25(e)    Judgment for possession of real property--Successor in interest--Revival.

15-6-26    15-6-26. --Discovery pending action

15-6-26(a)    Discovery methods.

15-6-26(b)    Scope of discovery.

15-6-26(c)    Protective orders.

15-6-26(d)    Sequence and timing of discovery.

15-6-26(e)    Supplementation of responses.

15-6-26(f)    15-6-26(f). Superseded

15-6-27    15-6-27. Depositions before action or pending appeal

15-6-27(a)    Depositions before action.

15-6-27(b)    Depositions pending appeal.

15-6-27(c)    Perpetuation of testimony by action.

15-6-28    15-6-28. Persons before whom depositions may be taken

15-6-28.1    Interstate depositions and discovery.

15-6-28.2    Definitions.

15-6-28.3    Issuance of subpoena for interstate depositions and discovery.

15-6-28.4    Service of subpoena for interstate depositions and discovery.

15-6-28.5    Deposition, production, inspection, witness fees, expenses, place of examination, attendance where required.

15-6-28.6    Application to court.

15-6-28(a)    Taking depositions within the United States.

15-6-28(b)    Taking depositions in foreign countries.

15-6-28(c)    Disqualification to take deposition for interest.

15-6-29    Stipulations regarding the taking of depositions.

15-6-30    15-6-30. Depositions upon oral examinations

15-6-30(a)    When depositions may be taken.

15-6-30(b)    Notice of examination--General requirements--Special notice--Nonstenographic recording--Production of documents and things--Deposition of organization.

15-6-30(c)    Examination and cross-examination--Record of examination--Oath--Objection.

15-6-30(d)    Schedule and duration--Motion to terminate or limit examination.

15-6-30(e)    Submission to witness--Changes--Signing.

15-6-30(f)    Certification and filing by officer--Exhibits--Copies.

15-6-30(g)    Failure to attend or to serve subpoena for deposition expenses.

15-6-31    15-6-31. --Depositions of witnesses upon written interrogatories

15-6-31(a)    Serving questions--Notice.

15-6-31(b)    Officer to take responses and prepare record.

15-6-31(c)    Notice of filing.

15-6-31(d)    15-6-31(d). Superseded

15-6-32    15-6-32. Effect of errors and irregularities in depositions

15-6-32(a)    Use of depositions.

15-6-32(b)    Objections to admissibility.

15-6-32(c)    Effect of taking or using deposition.

15-6-32(d)    Effect of errors and irregularities in depositions.

15-6-33    15-6-33. Interrogatories to parties

15-6-33(a)    Availability--Procedures for use.

15-6-33(b)    Scope--Use at trial.

15-6-33(c)    Option to produce business records.

15-6-34    15-6-34. Discovery and production of documents and things for inspection, copying, or photographing

15-6-34(a)    Scope.

15-6-34(b)    Procedure.

15-6-34(c)    Persons not parties.

15-6-35    15-6-35. Physical and mental examinations and blood tests of persons

15-6-35(a)    Order for examination.

15-6-35(b)    Report of examining physician.

15-6-36    15-6-36. Admission of facts and of genuineness of documents

15-6-36(a)    Request for admission.

15-6-36(b)    Effect of admission.

15-6-37    15-6-37. Refusal to make discovery--consequences

15-6-37(a)    Motion for order compelling disclosure or discovery.

15-6-37(b)    Failure to comply with order.

15-6-37(c)    Failure to disclose--False or misleading disclosure--Refusal to admit.

15-6-37(d)    Failure of party to attend at own deposition or serve answers to interrogatories or respond to request for inspection.

15-6-38    15-6-38. Jury trial of right

15-6-38(a)    Right to jury trial preserved.

15-6-38(b)    Demand for jury trial.

15-6-38(c)    Specification of issues in demand for jury trial.

15-6-38(d)    Waiver of jury trial.

15-6-39    15-6-39. Trial by jury or by the court

15-6-39(a)    Trial by jury.

15-6-39(b)    Trial by the court.

15-6-39(c)    Advisory jury and trial by consent.

15-6-40    15-6-40. Assignment of cases for trial

15-6-40(a)    Issues--When, where, and how tried.

15-6-40(b)    15-6-40(b). Repealed by SL 1993, ch 386

15-6-40(c)    Proceeding in absence of party.

15-6-41    15-6-41. Dismissal of actions

15-6-41(a)    Voluntary dismissal--Effect thereof.

15-6-41(b)    Involuntary dismissal--Effect thereof.

15-6-41(c)    Dismissal of counterclaim, cross-claim, or third-party claim.

15-6-41(d)    Costs of previously dismissed action.

15-6-42    15-6-42. Consolidation--separate trials

15-6-42(a)    Consolidation of actions.

15-6-42(b)    Separate trials.

15-6-43    15-6-43. Evidence

15-6-43(a)    Form and admissibility of evidence.

15-6-43(b)    15-6-43(b). Superseded

15-6-43(c)    15-6-43(c). Superseded

15-6-43(d)    Oath or affirmation.

15-6-43(e)    Evidence on motions.

15-6-43(f)    Interpreters.

15-6-44    15-6-44. Proof of official record

15-6-44.1    Determination of foreign law.

15-6-44(a)    Authentication of official records.

15-6-44(b)    Proof of lack of official record.

15-6-44(c)    Other proof of official record.

15-6-45    15-6-45. Subpoena

15-6-45(a)    Subpoena for attendance of witnesses and for production of documentary evidence--Form--Issuance.

15-6-45(b)    Subpoena for production of documentary evidence.

15-6-45(c)    Service of subpoena.

15-6-45(d)    Subpoena for taking depositions--Place of examination.

15-6-45(e)    15-6-45(e). Superseded

15-6-45(f)    Failure to obey subpoena as contempt.

15-6-45(g)    Nonresident of state served with subpoena in state.

15-6-46    Exceptions unnecessary.

15-6-47    15-6-47. Jurors

15-6-47(a)    Examination of jurors.

15-6-47(b)    Alternate jurors.

15-6-48    Juries of less than twelve--Majority verdict.

15-6-49    15-6-49. Special verdicts and interrogatories

15-6-49(a)    Special verdicts.

15-6-49(b)    General verdict accompanied by answer to interrogatories.

15-6-50    15-6-50. Motion for a directed verdict and for judgment notwithstanding the verdict

15-6-50(a)    Judgment as a matter of law.

15-6-50(b)    Renewing motion for judgment after trial--Alternative motion for new trial.

15-6-50(c)    Granting renewed motion for judgment as a matter law--Conditional rulings--New trial motion.

15-6-50(d)    Denial of motion for judgment as a matter of law.

15-6-51    15-6-51. Instructions to jury--objection

15-6-51(a)    Instructions to jury--Requests.

15-6-51(b)    Instructions.

15-6-51(c)    Objections.

15-6-51(d)    Assigning error--Plain error.

15-6-52    15-6-52. Findings by the court

15-6-52(a)    Effect of findings by the court--Proposals--When unnecessary.

15-6-52(b)    Waiver of findings and conclusions of law.

15-6-53    15-6-53. Referees

15-6-53(a)    Appointment and compensation of referees.

15-6-53(b)    Reference.

15-6-53(c)    Powers of referee.

15-6-53(d)    Proceedings before referee.

15-6-53(e)    Report of referee.

15-6-54    15-6-54. Judgments--costs

15-6-54(a)    Definition--Form of judgment.

15-6-54(b)    Judgment upon multiple claims or involving multiple parties.

15-6-54(c)    Demand for judgment.

15-6-54(d)    Judgment for costs--Attorneys' fees.

15-6-55    15-6-55. Default

15-6-55(a)    Entry of default.

15-6-55(b)    Default judgment.

15-6-55(c)    Setting aside default.

15-6-55(d)    Plaintiffs, counterclaimants and cross-claimants entitled to default.

15-6-56    15-6-56. Summary judgment

15-6-56(a)    Summary judgment for claimant.

15-6-56(b)    Summary judgment for defending party.

15-6-56(c)    Motion for summary judgment and proceedings thereon.

15-6-56(d)    Case not fully adjudicated on motion for summary judgment.

15-6-56(e)    Form of affidavits for summary judgment--Further testimony--Defense required.

15-6-56(f)    Opposing summary judgment when affidavits are unavailable.

15-6-56(g)    Summary judgment affidavits made in bad faith.

15-6-57    Declaratory judgments.

15-6-58    Entry of judgment and orders--Effective date.

15-6-59    15-6-59. New trials--Amendment of judgments

15-6-59(a)    Grounds for new trial.

15-6-59(b)    Time for motion for new trial--Rulings thereon--Extension of time.

15-6-59(c)    Hearing and answering affidavits on motion for new trial.

15-6-59(d)    New trial on initiative of court.

15-6-59(e)    Procedure upon hearing of motion for new trial.

15-6-59(f)    Motion for new trial not required as foundation for appeal in certain cases.

15-6-59(g)    Order granting new trial must show grounds upon which based.

15-6-60    15-6-60. Relief from judgment or order

15-6-60(a)    Relief from clerical mistakes.

15-6-60(b)    Relief on ground of mistake--Inadvertence--Excusable neglect--Newly discovered evidence--Fraud.

15-6-61    Harmless Error.

15-6-62    15-6-62. Stay of proceedings to enforce a judgment

15-6-62(a)    Automatic stay of execution--Exceptions--Injunctions and receiverships.

15-6-62(b)    Stay of execution on motion for new trial or for judgment.

15-6-62(c)    Injunction pending appeal.

15-6-62(d)    Stay upon appeal.

15-6-62(e)    Stay in favor of the state or agency thereof.

15-6-62(f)    Power of Supreme Court not limited.

15-6-62(g)    Stay of judgment as to multiple claims or multiple parties.

15-6-63    Disability of a judge.

15-6-64    Seizure of person or property.

15-6-65    15-6-65. Injunctions and restraining orders

15-6-65(a)    Preliminary injunction.

15-6-65(b)    Temporary restraining order without notice.

15-6-65(c)    Undertaking required on preliminary injunction or temporary restraining order--Ascertainment of damages.

15-6-65(d)    Contents of order--Parties bound.

15-6-66    Receivers.

15-6-67    15-6-67. Deposit in court

15-6-67(a)    Deposit in an action.

15-6-67(b)    Deposit in court by substitution.

15-6-67(c)    Deposit in court when no action is brought.

15-6-67(d)    Court may order deposit or seizure of property.

15-6-67(e)    Voluntary partial payment as credit against judgment.

15-6-68    Offer of Judgment.

15-6-69    Execution.

15-6-70    Judgment for specific acts--Vesting title.

15-6-71    Process in behalf of and against persons not parties.

15-6-72    Expedited civil actions--General provisions.

15-6-72.1    Local intergovernmental actions--Expedited action--Alternative dispute resolution.

15-6-72.2    Definition--Local government body.

15-6-73    Discovery in expedited civil actions.

15-6-74    Motions.

15-6-75    Procedure for expedited trials.

15-6-76    Settlement conference--Alternative dispute resolution.

15-6-76.1    Claim preclusion--Issue preclusion.

15-6-77    15-6-77. Courts of record and clerks

15-6-77(a)    Trial courts of record always open.

15-6-77(b)    Trials and hearings--Orders in chambers.

15-6-77(c)    Clerk's office and orders by clerk.

15-6-78    15-6-78, 15-6-79. Reserved

15-6-80    Stenographic report or transcript as evidence.

15-6-81    15-6-81. Applicability

15-6-81(a)    Procedure preserved.

15-6-81(b)    15-6-81(b). Omitted

15-6-81(c)    Appeals to circuit courts.

15-6-81(d)    Chapter incorporated into statutes.

15-6-82    Jurisdiction and venue.

15-6-83    Rules by courts of record.

15-6-84    Forms.

15-6-85    Title.

15-6-86    Effective date.

15-6-A    SPECIAL PROCEEDINGS (See § 15-6-81(a))

15-6-B    CIRCUIT COURT RULES (See § 15-6-83)

15-6-C    APPENDIX OF FORMS (See § 15-6-84)