16-13-15. Review of qualifications of jurors on master jury list--Removal of disqualified persons from list--Record of reasons for disqualification.

The clerk of courts shall ascertain whether each of the persons on the master juror list has the qualifications of a juror as provided by § 16-13-10 from the information available from records of the county or other readily available sources, or has served as a juror within two years. A person has served as a juror if that person has been summoned and appeared for a trial. If, at any time, it appears that any person listed does not have the qualifications to serve as a juror or has served as a juror within two preceding years, the clerk of courts shall strike the name from the list and draw another in its place if necessary. The clerk of courts shall adjust the number to be drawn to allow for the elimination of the names of those disqualified.

The clerk of courts shall record with the list of jurors the reasons for disqualification of any person stricken from the master jury list.

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