16-16-13Fees payable with application for admission--Disposition of fees.

An applicant for an admission on examination shall pay a fee of four hundred fifty dollars. An applicant for admission without examination shall pay a fee of six hundred fifty dollars. An applicant shall also pay the National Conference of Bar Examiners the applicable fee for preparation of an initial or supplemental character report. If an applicant fails to appear for the examination, the fee paid shall be applied to one of the next two scheduled combined Multistate Essay Examinations, which include an Indian Law question and Multistate Performance Test, and/or Multistate Bar Examinations. The applicant shall inform the Secretary in writing which of the next two scheduled examinations to which the fee should be applied. The fees thus paid to the Secretary shall be retained in a special fund and shall be paid out by the state court administrator when authorized by the Secretary for the compensation and necessary expenses of the Board of Bar Examiners.

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