16-16-1    License from Supreme Court required to practice law--Active membership in state bar--Violation as misdemeanor.

16-16-1.1    Essential eligibility requirements for admission.

16-16-2    Qualifications of applicants to practice law.

16-16-2.1    Standard of good moral character.

16-16-2.2    Good moral character--Quantum and burden of proof.

16-16-2.3    Good moral character--Relevant conduct.

16-16-2.4    Use of information.

16-16-2.5    Adverse recommendation.

16-16-2.6    Criminal background investigation required--Procedure--Results furnished to board.

16-16-3    Composition and appointment of board of bar examiners--Terms of office.

16-16-4    Compensation and expenses of bar examiners and secretary.

16-16-5    Duty of bar examiners--Rules and regulations.

16-16-6    Examination required of applicants to practice law--Educational requirements.

16-16-6.1    16-16-6.1. Repealed by SL 1987, ch 406 (Supreme Court Rule 86-32).

16-16-7    16-16-7. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 400 (Supreme Court Rule 82-27).

16-16-7.1    Practice of nonresident attorneys employed by legal aid bureaus or public defender agencies--Application.

16-16-7.2    Certificates and affidavits filed with application.

16-16-7.3    Order of admission--Duration.

16-16-7.4    Submission to disciplinary board jurisdiction--Revocation of admission or referral to board for misconduct--Venue.

16-16-7.5    Extent of practice--Compensation.

16-16-7.6    Admission of full-time faculty member of the University of South Dakota law school.

16-16-7.7    Order of admission and duration.

16-16-7.8    Submission to disciplinary board jurisdiction--Revocation of admission or referral to board for misconduct--Venue.

16-16-8    Application for admission on examination.

16-16-9    Time and place of examination.

16-16-10    Subjects covered by examination--Public notice.

16-16-11    Re-examination after three failures prohibited.

16-16-12    16-16-12. Repealed by Supreme Court Rule 82-28.

16-16-12.1    Admission without examination--Eligibility by practice.

16-16-12.2    Admission without examination--Application requirements.

16-16-12.3    Attorney licensing when spouse is a member of the armed forces.

16-16-12.4    Contents of application for licensing when spouse is a member of the armed forces.

16-16-13    Fees payable with application for admission--Disposition of fees.

16-16-14    Discrimination on account of sex prohibited.

16-16-15    Board of Bar Examiners--Applications for admission--Investigations--Hearings--Confidentiality--Disciplinary Board.

16-16-16    Review by Supreme Court of bar examiners' decision as to qualifications of applicant.

16-16-16.1    Review by Supreme Court of Bar Examiners' decision on ADA request.

16-16-17    Recommendation to Supreme Court for admission to practice--Order and certificate of admission--State Bar membership fee.

16-16-17.1    Conditional admission.

16-16-17.2    Limited purpose of conditional admission.

16-16-17.3    Limited circumstances under which conditional admission may be considered.

16-16-17.4    Report of recommendation to Supreme Court.

16-16-17.5    Review of conditional admission.

16-16-18    Oath of attorney--Form and administration.

16-16-19    Rights and privileges conferred by license to practice law.

16-16-20    Roll of attorneys maintained by clerk of Supreme Court.

16-16-21    Reinstatement of inactive attorneys--Persons eligible.

16-16-22    Application for reinstatement--Fees and charges--Determination of eligibility.

16-16-23    Examination required of applicant for reinstatement--Examination dispensed with if applicant manifestly qualified.

16-16-24    Notice to State Bar of reinstatement of attorney--Payment of membership fees.