16-2-66. Commission on Access to the Courts--Purpose--Action.

The Commission on Access to the Courts shall work collaboratively across the justice system to advance efforts to promote equal access to the court and inspire a high level of trust and confidence in the South Dakota court system. This may include:

(1)Recommending improvements in court processes, procedures, and policies;

(2)Addressing access to counsel and collaborative efforts with entities that provide legal representation pro bono or at reduced cost for low-income or disadvantaged individuals;

(3)Developing models to assist self-represented litigants and addressing barriers to access to the court system;

(4)Increasing the availability of legal aid services statewide;

(5)Expanding the availability of effective use of technology; and

(6)Providing outreach efforts and strategic planning to ensure timely and effective access to the judicial system.

Source: Supreme Court Rule 24-03, § 2, eff. Feb. 20, 2024.