16-22-13Promulgation of rules regarding graduated sanctions program.

The Supreme Court shall establish rules pursuant to § 16-3-1 to develop a graduated sanctions procedure and grid to guide court services officers in determining the appropriate response to a violation of conditions of probation. The graduated sanctions program shall use short jail stays as the most severe sanction within the grid, shall collect data related to the use of sanctions and their outcomes, and shall include a process for reviewing sanctions that are challenged by the probationer. The rules shall vest statewide oversight of graduated sanctions procedure, use, and data collection with the State Court Administrator's Office.

The system of graduated sanctions shall be created with the following objectives:

(1)    Responding to violations of probation quickly, consistently and proportionally, based on the nature of the violation and the risk level of the probationer;

(2)    Reducing the time and resources expended by the court to respond to violations; and

(3)    Reducing the commission of new crimes and revocation rates.

Source: SL 2013, ch 101, § 16, eff. Oct. 1, 2013.