16-22-1    Definitions.

16-22-2    Drug court advisory council.

16-22-3    Drug court defined.

16-22-4    Drug court program.

16-22-5    Promulgation of drug court rules.

16-22-5.1    Key components for drug courts.

16-22-5.2    Standards and guidelines in accordance with key components.

16-22-5.3    Standards in accordance with best practices publication.

16-22-6    Admissibility of drug court participant's statements and reports in legal proceedings.

16-22-6.1    Drug court sanctions.

16-22-7    Semiannual drug court performance report.

16-22-8    HOPE probation programs.

16-22-8.1    Assignment of magistrate judge to preside over HOPE probation program.

16-22-9    Promulgation of HOPE probation program rules.

16-22-10    Evaluation of program impact on public safety.

16-22-11    Promulgation of rules governing evidence-based felony probation supervision practices.

16-22-12    Report of probation practices and training implementation.

16-22-13    Promulgation of rules regarding graduated sanctions program.

16-22-14    Report of graduated sanctions.

16-22-15    Evidence-based practices training.

16-22-16    Case history--Transfer to Department of Corrections.

16-22-17    Promulgation of rules regarding earned discharge credits.

16-22-18    Award of earned discharge credits.

16-22-19    Eligibility for earned discharge.

16-22-20    Report of earned discharge credits.

16-22-21    Oversight council responsible for monitoring and reporting performance and outcome measures.

16-22-22    Membership of oversight council.

16-22-23    Meetings of oversight council--Termination--Powers and duties.

16-22-24    Treatment and intervention programs.

16-22-25    Grant program for adult community residential services to reduce risk of recidivism.

16-22-26    Request for proposals.

16-22-27    Report by grant recipient.

16-22-28    Probation and parole policies for sanctioning positive urinalysis test for controlled substance.

16-22-29    Compliant discharge from probation or parole upon completion of treatment--Conditions.

16-22-30    Report to oversight council on probation and parole infractions.

16-22-31    Report of Interstate Drug Trafficking Task Force to oversight council.