17-2-2.2. Price and circulation requirements.

A legal newspaper shall, for at least one year prior to publication of legal and official notices, be intended for distribution and circulation to the general public, without regard to business, trade, or profession, and must either:

(1)    Maintain a definite price of not less than fifty percent of its published price, be paid for by no less than fifty percent of those to whom it is distributed, and have a minimum paid circulation of at least two hundred; or

(2)    Maintain a minimum of two hundred paid online subscribers and distribute an associated print edition at least once a week for at least fifty weeks per year with a circulation of at least five hundred copies, regardless of whether the print edition is made available to the public for a paid subscription or for free.

Source: SL 1985, ch 165, § 3; SL 2024, ch 69, § 1.