17-2-1    Notices to be published in legal newspaper--Affidavit of publication--Online notice.

17-2-2    17-2-2. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 165, § 1.

17-2-2.1    Requirements for legal newspaper--Language--Size--Duration and frequency of publication--Electronic format.

17-2-2.2    Price and circulation requirements.

17-2-2.3    Content requirements.

17-2-2.4    Office and mailing permit requirements.

17-2-2.5    Ownership and circulation statements--Involuntary suspension of publication--Existing legal newspapers.

17-2-3    Status as legal newspaper unaffected by consolidation.

17-2-4    17-2-4. Repealed by omission from SL 1968, ch 271.

17-2-5    17-2-5 to 17-2-9. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 15, § 3.

17-2-10    Publication in adjoining county if no legal newspaper published in county.

17-2-11    Publication in county or nearest adjoining county if no legal newspaper published in municipality or district.

17-2-12    Publication in existing legal newspapers if not enough legal newspapers published in county.

17-2-13    Substitute publication where legal newspaper refuses publication--Affidavit of refusal.

17-2-14    17-2-14. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 15, § 3.

17-2-15    17-2-15. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 55, § 50.

17-2-16    Designation of newspaper in which execution notice published.

17-2-17    Day on which weekly publication made--Interval between publications.

17-2-18    Weekly publication constituting publication for stated number of days.

17-2-18.1    Time allowed for publication of proceedings and reports of political subdivisions.

17-2-18.2    Type size required for legal publication.

17-2-19    Legal publication fees not otherwise prescribed--Review and adjustment.

17-2-20    Fees chargeable for second and subsequent publications.

17-2-21    17-2-21. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 183, § 6.

17-2-22    Notices validated despite hearing or action in same week as final publication--Rights barred by no action.

17-2-22.1    Affidavit of printer or publisher admissible in evidence--Prima facie evidence.

17-2-23    Publication affidavits validated despite discrepancy in name of newspaper.

17-2-24    Publication affidavits validated despite failure to describe status as legal newspaper.

17-2-25    Publication affidavits validated despite failure to recite statutory authority for execution.

17-2-26    Vested rights protected against validating provisions.

17-2-27    Publication affidavits validated without additional affidavit as to fees.

17-2-28    Notice, minutes, bids, and other published information--Publication cost--Online notice.