18-4-6. Acknowledgment before commissioned officer of armed forces--Place of execution need not be shown.

In addition to the acknowledgment of instruments in the manner and form and as otherwise authorized by the laws of South Dakota, any person serving in or with the armed forces of the United States may acknowledge the execution of an instrument, wherever located, before any commissioned officer in active service of the armed forces of the United States with the rank of second lieutenant or higher in the Army, Air Force, Space Force, or Marine Corps, or ensign or higher in the Navy or United States Coast Guard. The instrument shall not be rendered invalid by the failure to state therein the place of execution or acknowledgment.

Source: SL 1943, ch 148, § 1; SL 1951, ch 215; SDC Supp 1960, § 51.1608-1 (1); SL 2023, ch 109, § 2.