18-4-1    Officers authorized to take proof or acknowledgment within state.

18-4-2    Officers authorized to take proof or acknowledgment within circuit, county, or municipality.

18-4-3    Indian agents authorized to take acknowledgment or proof in Indian country--Recording of certificate of appointment.

18-4-4    18-4-4, 18-4-5. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 106, §§ 6, 7.

18-4-6    Acknowledgment before commissioned officer of armed forces--Place of execution need not be shown.

18-4-7    Authentication of military certificate not required--Form of certificate attached.

18-4-8    Acknowledgments taken by military officers before 1943.

18-4-9    Uniformity of interpretation of military provisions.

18-4-10    Identity of person making acknowledgment to be known or proved to officer.

18-4-11    Certificate of officer taking acknowledgment to be attached.

18-4-12    Form of general certificate of acknowledgment.

18-4-13    Form of certificate of corporate acknowledgment.

18-4-14    Form of certificate of acknowledgment by attorney.

18-4-15    Form of certificate of acknowledgment by deputy sheriff.

18-4-16    Fees chargeable for acknowledgments--Violation as petty offense.

18-4-17    Means of proving instrument not acknowledged.

18-4-18    Proof of instrument by subscribing witness.

18-4-19    Circumstances permitting proof of instrument by handwriting.

18-4-20    Facts to be established for proof by handwriting.

18-4-21    Powers of officers authorized to take proof of instruments.

18-4-22    Contents of certificate of officer taking proof of instrument.

18-4-23    Authentication of certificates of acknowledgment or proof.

18-4-24    Clerk's certificate to accompany proof or acknowledgment taken by magistrate.

18-4-25    False certification of acknowledgment or proof as forgery.

18-4-26    Action in circuit court to prove instrument defectively certified--Judgment entitles instrument to record.

18-4-27    Prior instruments governed by prior law.

18-4-28    Validity of conveyances acknowledged or proved under prior law.

18-4-29    Form--Certificate of acknowledgement--Video communication technology.