2-2-51. Attachment of omitted areas.

If any area of this state is omitted from the provisions of § 2-2-43.1, the county auditor of the county containing the area shall attach the area to the district that surrounds it or, if the area is contiguous to two or more districts, the county auditor shall attach it to the contiguous district that has the least population according to the official 2020 federal census. Any attachment made pursuant to this section shall be certified in writing and filed with the secretary of state. No changes may be made in any such attachment until the next decennial redistricting.

Source: SL 2011 (SS), ch 1, § 11, eff. Jan. 23, 2012; SL 2021 (1SS), ch 1, § 10, eff. Feb. 9, 2022.