2-4-1    Time and place of regular sessions.

2-4-1.1    Leave of absence from employment for legislative service--Restrictions on employee's right to serve in Legislature void.

2-4-2    Salary and expense allowances of legislators.

2-4-2.1    Items constituting uncompensated expenses of legislators.

2-4-2.2    Compensation of legislators on committees, taking oath of office, or attending Governor's budget report.

2-4-2.3    Compensation of legislators prior to oath of office.

2-4-3    Superseded by § 3-8-2.1.

2-4-3.1    Per diem of lieutenant governor for duties as board member.

2-4-4    Time of payment of salaries and allowances.

2-4-5    Repealed by SL 1973, ch 19, § 1.

2-4-6    Preventing Legislature or members from meeting as felony.

2-4-7    Preventing legislator from attending or voting as misdemeanor.

2-4-8    Compelling adjournment of Legislature as felony.

2-4-9    Disturbance or disorderly conduct in Legislature as misdemeanor.

2-4-10    Compelling action or inaction by Legislature as felony.

2-4-11    Repealed by SL 1976, ch 158, § 12A-11.

2-4-13    Forfeiture of office by legislator convicted of violation--Disqualification from public office.

2-4-14    Contempt of Legislature--Punishment.

2-4-15    Contempt of Legislature as misdemeanor.