2-7-20.2. Veto of bills passed before last four session days--Message to house of origin--Reconsideration--Filing with secretary of state.

Whenever the Governor vetoes any bill or any items of a bill presented to the Governor five or more calendar days before an adjournment or a recess of the Legislature, the Governor shall transmit the Governor's veto message with the original bill to the secretary of the Senate or chief clerk of the House of Representatives, whichever was the house of origin, on the date of the Governor's exercise of the power, but no later than noon on the last legislative day prior to adjournment or recess. The officer of the house receiving the veto message shall certify on the original copy of the bill whether reconsideration was had and the vote on any reconsideration and shall transmit the bill and veto message to the secretary of state for filing when the time for reconsideration has passed.

Source: SL 1974, ch 24, § 4; SL 1979, ch 15, § 4; SL 2023, ch 3, § 16.