20-9-1    Responsibility for injury by willful act or negligence--Contributory negligence.

20-9-1.1    Loss of chance doctrine abrogated.

20-9-1.2    Other rules and principles not affected.

20-9-2    Comparative negligence--Reduction of damages.

20-9-3    Licensed medical practitioners immune from liability for emergency care.

20-9-4    Immunity of medical practitioner licensed in another state--Acts not deemed professional practice.

20-9-4.1    Immunity from liability for emergency care--Exception.

20-9-4.2    Physician treating minor without consent of parent or guardian--Immunity from liability--Treatments excepted.

20-9-4.3    Definition of terms.

20-9-4.4    Civil immunity for emergency use or nonuse of AED.

20-9-4.5    20-9-4.5. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 139, § 3.

20-9-4.6    AED trainer immunity.

20-9-4.7    20-9-4.7. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 139, § 4.

20-9-4.8    Immunity inapplicable in event of negligence or misconduct.

20-9-4.9    Over-the-counter AED--Application of chapter--Immunity from civil liability--Exception.

20-9-5    20-9-5. Repealed by SL 1987, ch 158, § 8

20-9-6    Right to protection from bodily harm, insult, or injury to personal relations.

20-9-6.1    Claim of barratry.

20-9-7    Abduction, enticement and seduction forbidden by rights of personal relation.

20-9-8    Repealed

20-9-9    Product's dealers and sellers immune from strict liability except for manufacturers or those who knew of defect--Other causes of action against seller not limited.

20-9-10    Product's manufacturer, assembler, or seller immune from strict liability for injury caused by certain alterations or modifications.

20-9-10.1    State of the art defense in product liability actions.

20-9-11    Landowners, tenants, and lessees exempt from liability for injuries on flooded land--Exceptions.

20-9-11.1    Trespasser defined.

20-9-11.2    Person with possessory interest in land exempt from liability to trespasser--Exceptions.

20-9-11.3    Person with possessory interest in land liable to trespasser for intentional injury.

20-9-11.4    Person with possessory interest in land liable for injury to or death of young child for certain artificial conditions on land.

20-9-11.5    Person with possessory interest in land liable for injury to or death under certain conditions where trespassers consistently intrude upon limited area.

20-9-11.6    Person with possessory interest in land liable for injury to or death of certain known trespassers.

20-9-12    Definition of terms.

20-9-13    Landowner not obligated to keep land safe for outdoor recreational activity—Exception.

20-9-14    Individual on private land for outdoor recreational activity--Landowner not liable--Exceptions.

20-9-15    Landowner liability for land leased to state or its political subdivisions for outdoor recreation activity.

20-9-16    Landowner liability for gross negligence or injury suffered where consideration charged or law violated.

20-9-16.1    Injury or death resulting from inherent risk of an agritourism activity--Warning notice.

20-9-17    Liability for injury to persons or property or failure to exercise care in use of land for outdoor recreation or agritourism.

20-9-18    Doctrine of attractive nuisance not affected.

20-9-19    Definition of terms as to political subdivisions.    

20-9-20    Political subdivisions and employees not obligated to keep land safe for entry or use--Exceptions.

20-9-21    Liability of political subdivision or employees for invitational or permissive use of land.

20-9-22    Limits of political subdivision's liability.

20-9-23    Effect of §§ 20-9-19 to 20-9-23 on attractive nuisance or other legal doctrines.

20-9-24    Definition of terms as to state.

20-9-25    State's duty of care to keep land safe and to warn of dangers on land used for outdoor recreational purposes.

20-9-26    Liability of state, its agencies, and employees for invitational or permissive use of land.

20-9-27    Limits of state's liability.

20-9-28    Effect of §§ 20-9-24 to 20-9-28 on attractive nuisance or other legal doctrines.

20-9-29    Definitions.

20-9-30    Livestock owners--Control by another person.

20-9-31    Livestock--Contract--Facilities.

20-9-32    Civil cause of action for malicious intimidation or harassment--Damages.

20-9-33    Civil liability for counterfeit lien.

20-9-34    Civil liability for harassment by threat of fraudulent legal proceedings or liens.

20-9-35    Civil liability for impersonating a judicial official.

20-9-36    Definitions related to asbestos claims.

20-9-37    Asbestos claim defined.

20-9-38    Successor asbestos-related liabilities defined.

20-9-39    Limitation on cumulative successor asbestos-related liabilities.

20-9-40    Limitation where transferor assumed or incurred liabilities of prior transferor.

20-9-41    Total gross assets defined--Determination of fair market value.

20-9-42    Adjustment of fair market value of total gross assets.

20-9-43    Exclusions from limitation on cumulative successor asbestos-related liabilities.

20-9-44    Limitation of action for personal injury or death caused by negligence of directors and officers of nonprofit fire, ambulance, or search and rescue entity or its employees and volunteers.

20-9-45    Immunity from liability for nonprofit fire, ambulance, or search and rescue entity and its volunteer officers and directors.

20-9-46    Wrongful human trafficking.

20-9-47    Definitions pertaining to fishing tournaments.

20-9-48    Limited liability of fishing tournament sponsors.

20-9-49    Circumstances under which liability of fishing tournament sponsor and others not limited.

20-9-50    Fishing professionals and tournament sponsors liable for warranty and trespass.

20-9-51    Warning sign to be posted by fishing professionals and tournament sponsors--Warning notice in contracts.

20-9-52    Intentional exposure to HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chancroid, or other communicable disease.

20-9-53    Definitions.

20-9-54    Liability for riot and incitement to riot.

20-9-55    Jurisdiction--Evidence--Procedure.

20-9-56    Damages for riot or incitement to riot.

20-9-57    Riot boosting recovery fund established.