1-16A-1    Legislative findings and intent.

1-16A-2    Definitions.

1-16A-2.1    Repealed.

1-16A-2.2    Out-of-state participating health institution--Eligibility for financing.

1-16A-3    Authority created--Public function.

1-16A-3.1    Authority continued within Bureau of Finance and Management--Records and reports.

1-16A-4    Appointment of members of authority--Qualifications.

1-16A-5    Terms of office of members--Vacancies.

1-16A-6    Business interests not disqualifying for membership--Abstention where conflict of interest.

1-16A-7    Annual election of chairman and vice-chairman.

1-16A-8    Meetings open to public--Notice--Resolutions not published.

1-16A-9    Quorum of authority--Vote required for action.

1-16A-10    Expenses of members of authority.

1-16A-11    Removal of member from authority.

1-16A-12    Executive director and associate--Compensation.

1-16A-13    Employment of consultants and agents--Compensation.

1-16A-14    Surety bonds required--Payment of cost.

1-16A-15    Corporate powers of authority.

1-16A-15.1    Authority to approve financing of facilities in the state by out-of-state issuers-Public hearing.

1-16A-15.2    Determination of minimum amount of cash and investment reserves.

1-16A-16    Delegation of powers and duties.

1-16A-17    Records maintained by authority--Certified copies.

1-16A-17.1    Informational budget required.

1-16A-18    Acceptance of loans and gifts.

1-16A-19    Investment of surplus funds--Maturity of securities--Manner of investment.

1-16A-20    Location, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities--Designation of agent.

1-16A-21    Acquisition of property--Title taken.

1-16A-22    Restrictions of other laws not applicable.

1-16A-23    Public works laws not applicable--Competitive bidding not required.

1-16A-24    Mortgages for security of bondholders.

1-16A-25    Operation of facilities restricted to leasing.

1-16A-26    Leasing of facilities--Terms of lease--Option to purchase.

1-16A-27    Duration of leases--Rentals required.

1-16A-28    Establishment of rents and charges.

1-16A-29    Rules and regulations for use of facilities.

1-16A-30    Laws and ordinances applicable to facilities.

1-16A-31    Loans to participating institutions--Maximum amount.

1-16A-32    Refunding loans to participating institutions--Findings required.

1-16A-33    Initial planning service fee to accompany applications.

1-16A-34    Annual planning service fee payable to authority.

1-16A-35    Purpose of planning service fees--Agencies used in planning.

1-16A-36    Planning services and surveys obtained from other agencies.

1-16A-37    Proration of planning service fees between institutions.

1-16A-38    Issuance and refunding of bonds and obligations.

1-16A-39    Terms and form of bonds issued.

1-16A-40    Sale of bonds--Expenses of issuance.

1-16A-41    Negotiability of bonds.

1-16A-42    Bonds payable only from revenues.

1-16A-43    Pledge of revenues to secure bonds.

1-16A-44    Pledge continuing until bonds paid.

1-16A-45    Maintenance, rental and funding agreements in bond resolution.

1-16A-46    Pooling of leases for pledge of revenues.

1-16A-47    Bond redemption privileges retained.

1-16A-48    Additional bonds for facilities or HEAL loans--Protection of prior bondholders.

1-16A-49    Remedies of bondholders on default.

1-16A-50    General obligation not created by issuance of bonds--Tax levy not promised.

1-16A-51    State debt not created--Disclaimer in bonds.

1-16A-52    Pledge of full faith and credit of authority or institution.

1-16A-52.1    Financing through federally guaranteed securities authorized.

1-16A-52.2    Commitments and agreements for financing through federally guaranteed securities.

1-16A-52.3    Bonds not to exceed cost of facility--Expenses included--Terms and sale of bonds.

1-16A-52.4    Title to facility financed through federally guaranteed securities--Mortgage--Lease prohibited.

1-16A-52.5    Return of securities to issuer when provision made for payment.

1-16A-53    Refunding bonds authorized--Amount.

1-16A-54    Methods of refunding--Maturity dates.

1-16A-54.1    Bond issue authorized to refund securities of participating institution.

1-16A-54.2    Amount and terms of securities purchased--Mortgage--Insurance and guaranties.

1-16A-54.3    Pledge of securities to secure bonds--Income used for payment--Maximum principal--Bonds subject to other provisions of chapter.

1-16A-54.4    Title of financed facility to remain in participating institution--Mortgage--Lease prohibited.

1-16A-55    Bonds of authority as legal investments.

1-16A-56    Conveyance of facility to participating institution when debt paid.

1-16A-56.1    Conveyance provisions inapplicable to refinanced facility--Return of securities when bonds paid or payment provided for.

1-16A-57    Expenses paid from authority funds--Borrowing for initial operation.

1-16A-58    Tax exemption of authority.

1-16A-59    Securities regulation.

1-16A-60    Additional proceedings not required--Police power reserved.

1-16A-61    Powers supplementary.

1-16A-62    Powers under other law unimpaired.

1-16A-63    Liberal construction of chapter.

1-16A-64    Short title of chapter.

1-16A-65    Health education assistance loan program established.

1-16A-66    Health education assistance loan program--Powers of authority.

1-16A-67    Health education assistance loan program--Funding of HEAL loan purchases by bonds, notes or other obligations of authority.

1-16A-68    Health education assistance loan program--Payment of bonds.

1-16A-69    Health education assistance loan program--Security for principal and interest of bonds.

1-16A-70    Health education assistance loan program--Repayment fund created.

1-16A-71    1-16A-71. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 12, § 8; SL 1988, ch 18.

1-16A-71.1    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 179, § 10.

1-16A-72    1-16A-72. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 12, § 9.

1-16A-72.1    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 179, § 11.

1-16A-73    1-16A-73. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 12, § 10.

1-16A-73.1    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 179, §§ 12 to 23.

1-16A-73.13    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 180, §§ 9 to 15.

1-16A-73.20    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 179, §§ 24 to 31.

1-16A-74    Power to act as public instrumentality.

1-16A-74.1    Establishment of funding program for financing of property by public bodies--Assistance--Pledging of payments--Compliance with statutory limitations.

1-16A-75    Funding program for purchase of notes--Issuance of bonds or notes.

1-16A-76    Jurisdiction of federal bankruptcy courts--Written contracts concerning bonds or notes enforceable.

1-16A-77    1-16A-77. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 6, § 7.

1-16A-78    Authority to issue education savings bonds.

1-16A-79    Criteria for issuance of education savings bonds.

1-16A-80    Additional criteria for issuance of education savings bonds.

1-16A-81    Discounted sale of education savings bonds--Interest--Payment at maturity.

1-16A-82    Sale of education savings bonds--Computation of aggregate principal.

1-16A-83    Plan of implementation for issuance and sale of education savings bonds.

1-16A-84    Designation by authority required for education savings bonds.

1-16A-85    Pool arrangement defined.

1-16A-86    Authority as funding authority for pool arrangement.

1-16A-87    Program for issuance of bonds or certificates of participation that constitute debt of participating agencies--Secured for payment by proceeds of irrepealable tax levies.

1-16A-88    Bonds or certificates of participation not secured for payment by proceeds of irrepealable tax levies.

1-16A-89    Credit enhancement obligation--Conditions.

1-16A-90    Agreements with other entities involving credit enhancement obligations.

1-16A-91    Issued indebtedness for accounts receivable program.

1-16A-92    Authority may contract to manage payment or interest rate risk for bonds.

1-16A-93    Proposed issuance of obligations--Determination of board.

1-16A-94    Promulgation of rules establishing forecasting methodology.

1-16A-95    Issuance of additional obligations--Legislative approval.

1-16A-96    Appropriation for payments pursuant to lease purchase agreements--Agreement dated August 1, 1988 ratified.

1-16A-97    Procedures to facilitate school district issuance of capital outlay certificates and terms for lease purchase agreements secured by pledge of state aid to education funds.

1-16A-98    State not liable for capital outlay certificates and lease purchase agreements sponsored by authority or secured by pledge of state aid to education.

1-16A-99    Contracts made by school district, state, or authority not to be impaired.