1-16B-44Adjustment of local funding requirements when federal agency participates--Subordination to mortgage held by federal agency.

If any federal agency participates in the financing of a development project with federal funds, the authority may adjust the required ratios of financial participation for the enterprise to the extent of the federal participation. However, the adjustment of such ratios may not cause the authority to grant a loan to the enterprise in excess of eighty percent of the cost or estimated cost of the development project.

If any federal agency participating in the financing of any development project is not permitted to take a mortgage subordinate to the mortgage of the authority, the authority may secure its loan to the enterprise with a mortgage subordinate to that of the federal agency.

Source: SL 1978, ch 9, § 30; SL 1986, ch 14, § 15; SL 2009, ch 1, § 13.