1-16B-1    Definitions.

1-16B-2    1-16B-2. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 14, § 2.

1-16B-3    Repealed

1-16B-4    Repealed

1-16B-5    1-16B-5. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 14, § 4.

1-16B-6    Repealed

1-16B-7    Finance authority created.

1-16B-8    Board of directors--Appointment of members.

1-16B-9    Quorum of board--Action by majority present.

1-16B-10    Commissioner as chief administrative officer.

1-16B-11    Staff services to authority--Funds from which expenses paid.

1-16B-12    Transfer of income from capital reserve fund to a general account--Continuous appropriation for purposes of chapter.

1-16B-13    1-16B-13. Obsolete.

1-16B-14    Powers of authority.

1-16B-14.1    Exemption of documentary material and data involving trade secrets, etc., from disclosure--Consideration by authority in executive session.

1-16B-15    Power to issue notes and bonds--Maximum outstanding.

1-16B-16    Issuance, renewal, payment, and refunding of notes and bonds--Application of proceeds of refunding bonds.

1-16B-17    Notes and bonds as general obligations of authority--Funds from which payable.

1-16B-18    Terms of notes and bonds--Maturity--Interest--Registration--Redemption--Sale.

1-16B-19    State pledge not to impair powers of authority--Inclusion in terms of notes or bonds.

1-16B-20    Obligations payable only from assets of authority--Statement on face of obligations.

1-16B-21    Repurchase and cancellation of notes and bonds--Maximum price paid.

1-16B-22    Issuance of refunding obligations--Terms governed by chapter.

1-16B-23    Disposition of refunding obligations--Application or investment of proceeds.

1-16B-24    Bonds and notes as legal investments for public and fiduciary funds.

1-16B-25    Appointment of trustee on default in payment of bonds or notes.

1-16B-26    Trustee's powers in protection of bondholders or noteholders.

1-16B-27    Notice required of trustee before declaring principal due.

1-16B-28    Incidental powers of trustee.

1-16B-29    Capital reserve fund required--Moneys paid in.

1-16B-30    Amounts required in capital reserve fund.

1-16B-31    Application of capital reserve fund--Transfer of income.

1-16B-32    Bonds and notes not issued when capital reserve below required amount.

1-16B-33    Annual budget estimate for restoration of capital reserve fund--Governor's budget--Application of appropriated funds.

1-16B-34    Establishment of loan funds--Investment.

1-16B-35    Cooperation with local agencies.

1-16B-36    Determination of desirability of development projects.

1-16B-37    Power to make loans to local agencies--Repayment provisions.

1-16B-38    Maximum loan to local agency--Vote required for approval.

1-16B-39    1-16B-39. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 14, § 11.

1-16B-40    Application by local agency for loan--Contents.

1-16B-41    Loans made only when other loans not available.

1-16B-42    Preference to projects for processing raw materials produced in state.

1-16B-43    Maximum percentage of cost loaned to local agency--Assurances as to other financing.

1-16B-44    Adjustment of local funding requirements when federal agency participates--Subordination to mortgage held by federal agency.

1-16B-45    Pledge to United States not to impair powers of authority.

1-16B-46    Terms of loan to local agency--Subordination to other loans.

1-16B-47    Foreclosure to take title to development project--Sale or lease.

1-16B-48    Annual reports of authority--Contents.

1-16B-49    Cumulative rights and powers of authority.

1-16B-50    Annual action plan--Annual informational report.

1-16B-51    1-16B-51. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 4, § 1.

1-16B-52    Issuance of bonds and obligations--Additional proceedings not required--Transferred rights, powers, privileges, and functions supplementary--Liberal construction.

1-16B-53    Preferred development project defined.

1-16B-54    Direct mortgage loans for preferred development projects.

1-16B-55    Authority may contract to manage payment or interest rate risk for bonds.

1-16B-56    Value Added Finance Authority Abolished--Duties and responsibilities transferred--Economic Development Finance Authority and Board of Economic Development.

1-16B-57    Duties and goals--Agricultural production.

1-16B-58    Lending power of authority.

1-16B-59    Bond authorization, terms, and sale--Interest rate--Noninterest-bearing bonds.

1-16B-60    Pledges by authority.

1-16B-61    Redemption of bonds.

1-16B-62    Trust indenture securing authority bonds.

1-16B-63    Proceeds of bonds--Investments.

1-16B-64    Bonds as negotiable instruments.

1-16B-65    Execution of bonds--Seal.

1-16B-66    Immunity from personal liability on bonds.

1-16B-67    Conflict of interest --Disclosure--Participation in transaction.

1-16B-68    Tax exemption--Filing fee exemption.

1-16B-69    Bonds as authorized investments and securities for deposits.

1-16B-70    Promulgation of rules.

1-16B-71    Liberal construction of chapter.

1-16B-72    Disposition of authority assets on dissolution.

1-16B-73    Compliance with Internal Revenue Code.