1-16H-31.5Notice of hearing on right to take--Waiver of right to question necessity--Order of court.

Upon filing of a declaration of taking pursuant to § 1-16H-31.3, the court may fix the time within which, and the terms upon which, the parties in possession are required to surrender possession to the authority. A notice shall be issued stating that if the defendants do not appear in or respond to the proceedings within thirty days after service of the notice, exclusive of the day of service, the authority shall apply to the court for an order of possession. A notice of hearing shall then be issued by the court and served as provided in § 1-16H-31.6 upon the record owners of all subsurface property sought to be acquired or damaged. The notice shall state a time and place for hearing not less than thirty days from the date of service, unless the waiver of hearing provided by § 21-35-10.1 is filed, in which case the hearing may be held sooner. The court may make such orders in respect to encumbrances, liens, rents, taxes, assessments, insurance and other charges, if any, as are just and equitable.

Source: SL 2005, ch 12, § 5.