1-18-25. State treasurer as treasurer of historical society--Membership in historical society not required to serve as treasurer--Duties.

The state treasurer is treasurer of the historical society regardless of whether the state treasurer is a member of the historical society. The state treasurer shall receive and maintain custody of all money, securities for money, and such other property of the society that is committed to the state treasurer's charge by the board of trustees; invest the capital of the special funds as authorized by the board of trustees; pay out such funds as authorized; and render from time to time, to the society, statements in writing of the sums of money received and from what source received, of the sums disbursed and for what purpose, with proper vouchers accompanying the same, and of money, securities, and property in the state treasurer's possession, and generally of all matters pertaining to the office of the treasurer of the historical society.

Source: SDC 1939, § 29.0122; SL 2009, ch 1, § 32; SL 2021, ch 7, § 19.