1-18B-9Release of public records to office--Prerequisites and conditions.

Any state, county, or municipal public official may release to the State Historical Society any record for microfilming under the following circumstances:

(1)    The official shall designate such record in writing and certify that the record has important historical value;

(2)    The record shall be of the type and sort which is not ordinarily in current usage;

(3)    The official shall receive a receipt for the record and pay all costs of transportation of the record from its place of deposit to the capital and for its return, including insurance, if conveyed by other than an official of the office;

(4)    Such record may not be absent from its legal place of deposit for a period of over four weeks;

(5)    Microfilms of the record shall be available to the legal custodians at the cost of reproducing the record.

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