1-19C-2.1. South Dakota Board on Geographic Names created--Members--Meetings--Investigations--Promulgation of rules.

The South Dakota Board on Geographic Names is hereby created. The board consists of one representative each from the Department of Tribal Relations, the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Department of Transportation, the South Dakota State Historical Society, and the Department of Tourism. The board shall elect a chair and vice chair from among its membership and shall meet at least once each year to consider issues related to geographical place names and to make recommendations to the appropriate local, state, and federal agencies. The board shall investigate any proposed names, solicit public input, and make a recommendation to the United States Board on Geographic Names as to whether the board supports a new or replacement name. The board may establish procedures and standards to recommend, evaluate, and select geographic place names by rules promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26. The rules shall be compatible with the standards of the United States Board on Geographic Names as contained in its manual, Principles, Policies and Procedures: Domestic Names, Reston, Virginia, 2016.

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