1-27-22. Application of English as common language requirement.

The provisions of §§ 1-27-20 to 1-27-25, inclusive, do not apply:

(1)    To instruction in foreign language courses;

(2)    To instruction designed to aid students with limited English proficiency in a timely transition and integration into the general education system;

(3)    To the application, preparation materials, and examination for any noncommercial driver license or permit;

(4)    To the conduct of international commerce, tourism, and sporting events;

(5)    When deemed to interfere with needs of the justice system;

(6)    When the public safety, health, or emergency services require the use of other languages; and

(7)    When expert testimony, witnesses, or speakers require a language other than the common language. However, for purposes of deliberation, decision making, or record keeping, the official version of such testimony or commentary shall be the officially translated English language version.

Source: SL 1995, ch 9, § 3; SL 2016, ch 13, § 1; SL 2020, ch 118, § 1.