1-36A-1.24Examination of institutions--Secretary to have free access.

The secretary of human services may examine the condition of any institution under the department's control, financially or otherwise; examine the methods of instruction and treatment and management of patients, the official conduct of all officers and employees, the condition of the buildings, grounds and other property, and all other matters pertaining to the functioning and management of the institution. For these purposes the secretary shall have free access to the grounds, buildings, and all books and papers relating to the institution, and all persons connected with the institution shall give such information and open such facilities for inspection as the secretary may require, and any neglect or refusal on the part of any officer, employee, or person connected with an institution to comply with the requirements of this section is sufficient cause for removal. The secretary may administer oaths and examine any person in relation to any matter connected with the inquiries authorized by this chapter.

Source: SL 1989, ch 21, § 24; SL 2012, ch 13, § 9.