1-50-1State emergency response commission--Membership--Compensation and reimbursement.

There is created the South Dakota State Emergency Response Commission. The commission shall consist of ten members. The secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the secretary of the Department of Transportation, the director of the Division of Emergency and Disaster Services, and the secretary of public safety or their designees shall be members. Six members shall be appointed by the Governor and shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor. One of the six members appointed by the Governor shall be a member of the chemical industry, one shall be an elected or appointed member of a political subdivision, one shall be actively engaged in an agricultural business, one shall be a health professional, one shall be a member of a fire department, and one shall be a member of a local emergency planning committee. A majority is a quorum and a majority of a quorum may take official action. The commission shall receive per diem compensation and allowable expense reimbursement in an amount set pursuant to § 4-7-10.4 for all time actually spent while attending commission meetings. However, no per diem may be paid to commission members who are state employees. Per diem compensation and expense reimbursement shall be paid from funds appropriated to the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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