1-53-4Functions of Governor's Office of Economic Development.

The Governor's Office of Economic Development shall perform the following functions to seek new employment opportunities, strengthen existing employment opportunities, and spawn new and innovative economic development opportunities:

(1)    To attract to South Dakota those business enterprises or those subsidiaries or satellite operations that can benefit from our favorable business environment.

(2)    To assist in the expansion and diversification of existing businesses.

(3)    To encourage and facilitate the initiation of new enterprises and development of new products that respond to identifiable markets.

(4)    To establish a viable basis of financing business operations with a substantial venture capital fund, managed effectively, and with the flexibility that will permit application to funding needs of start-up, expansion, and production.

(5)    To recognize markets that can be expanded and to discover new markets for agricultural products, manufactured goods, and services.

(6)    To promote, by every possible means, all forms of goods and services, agricultural products, processing and packaging to maximize value added before delivery to national or international markets.

(7)    To coordinate and exploit the capabilities that exist at the several public and private institutions of higher education and to encourage the development of new processes and technology through expanded programs of research.

(8)    To take full advantage of the associations, the public and private organizations, the financial institutions and the governmental entities that exist at the local or community level in implementing programs and in accomplishing specific functions or tasks.

(9)    To respond to opportunities that may develop and to meet such other responsibilities as may be assigned by executive or legislative direction.

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