1-55-11. Licenses, registrations, and permits withheld from person owing debt referred to center.

No person that owes a debt that is referred to the center may renew, obtain, or maintain:

(1)    Any registration for any motor vehicle, motorcycle, or boat, in which the person's name appears on the title of the motor vehicle, motorcycle, or boat;

(2)    Any driver license as defined by subdivision 32-12-1(1); or

(3)    Any hunting license, fishing license, state park permit, or camping permit;

unless the debt and cost recovery fee is either paid in full or the debtor has entered into a payment plan with the center and payment pursuant to the plan is current.

The Department of Revenue shall notify a person who is a co-owner of a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or boat described in subdivision (1), that the person's registration has been affected by the debt referred to the center. The notification shall be by United States mail.

Source: SL 2015, ch 14, § 11; SL 2021, ch 14, § 3.