2-2-41. Legislative policy in redistricting.

The Legislature, in making the 2021 redistricting, determines, as a matter of policy, that the following principles are of primary significance:

(1)    Adherence to standards of population deviance as established by judicial precedent and to standards of population deviance as prescribed by S.D. Const., Art. III, § 5;

(2)    Protection of communities of interest by means of compact and contiguous districts;

(3)    Respect for geographical and political boundaries; and

(4)    Protection of minority voting rights consistent with the United States Constitution, the South Dakota Constitution, and federal statutes, as interpreted by the United States Supreme Court and other courts with jurisdiction.

Source: SL 2011 (SS), ch 1, § 1, eff. Jan. 23, 2012; SL 2021, ch 16, § 1.