2-6-9. Appointment and terms of Retirement Laws Committee members--Political affiliations.

The Retirement Laws Committee shall consist of five members of the House of Representatives to be appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives and five members of the Senate to be appointed by the president pro tempore of the Senate. The members of the Retirement Laws Committee shall be appointed biennially for terms expiring on January first of each succeeding odd-numbered year and shall serve until their respective successors are appointed and qualified. The appointing authority shall appoint members to the committee proportional to a party's representation in the authority's legislative body. The minority party in each legislative body shall have at least one member.

Source: SL 1974, ch 36, § 2; SL 1985, ch 17, § 5; SL 1995, ch 13, § 3; SL 2021, ch 17, § 1.