01    Qualification And Terms Of Office

01A    Officers Statements Of Financial Interest

02    Deputies And Assistants

03    Veterans Preference In Employment

04    Vacancies In Office

05    Official Bonds

06    Conditions Of Employment Repealed And Transferred

06A    Career Service Personnel Management System Repealed

06B    Student Intern Program Repealed

06C    State Employment General Provisions

06D    State Civil Service

06E    State Employees Health And Life Insurance

06F    State Employees Drug Testing

07    Law Enforcement Civil Service Repealed

08    Compensation Of Officers And Employees

09    Travel Expenses And Allowances

10    Voluntary Salary Deductions

11    Social Security Coverage

12    South Dakota Retirement System Repealed And Transferred

12A    Public Employees Health And Life Insurance Repealed

12B    Senior Citizen Prescription Drug Benefit Program Repealed

12C    South Dakota Retirement System

13    Deferred Compensation Plan For Public Employees

13A    South Dakota Special Pay Retirement Program

13B    State Cement Plant Employee Retirement Repealed

13C    Department Of Labor And Regulation Employee Retirement

14    Expiration Of Term Of Office

15    Bribery And Interference With Officers Repealed

16    Malfeasance Misfeasance And Nonfeasance In Office

17    Removal From Office

18    Public Employees Unions

19    Indemnification Of Officers And Employees

20    Reduced Tuition At State Colleges And Universities

21    Liability Of Public Entities And Public Officials

22    Liability Coverage Program For Public Entities

23    Conflicts Of Interest

24    State Government Accountability Board